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Tacos El Aca-toy

I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes the best food is not in a fancy restaurant. If you want simple, authentic Mexican food, you don’t always have to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant to serve it to you. All it takes is to stop by a local food truck or stand to get it. There is a food truck/stand we have ...

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Saigon Brasserie

Saigon Brasserie’s description of their food is Oriental + Peruano, Cebiche & Sushi Bar. I have provided the menu (don’t ask me how I got it!) below the photos. At this posting, Saigon’s website was not in existence. One of the things I test a restaurant out with in the U.S. is if their website cannot provide me any information about the ...

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Lafayette Cafeteria

Lafayette Cafeteria is a nostalgic diner located a short walk from Parque Juan H. Sánchez. They have a wide variety of your typical Mexican dishes at very reasonable prices. The servers are friendly and helpful and the bathrooms are clean. My favorite drink to get at Lafayette is the freshly made Hugo de Zanahoria (carrot juice). At $30 pesos (less than $2 ...

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Tortas and Agua de Guayaba

Joy and I stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall, actually a diner-in-a-corridor, on our route walking through downtown San Luis Potosí. She was in a shoe store and I told her I would wait outside, only to walk down this sidewalk and see this nostalgic-esque bar counter diner. The diner looks like it has weathered some years but many people were sitting down ...

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