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Cráter La Joya Honda


Located in San Luis Potosí, Cráter La Joya Honda is one of the deepest maar craters in the world. Supposedly, created from an implosion from volcanic activity in which the water disappeared underground. The approximate size is 800m wide x 200m deep and has fantastic views from the edge, as well as from below. To get here can be a ...

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Tacos El Aca-toy


I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes the best food is not in a fancy restaurant. If you want simple, authentic Mexican food, you don’t always have to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant to serve it to you. All it takes is to stop by a local food truck or stand to get it. There is a food truck/stand we have ...

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Presa Cañada del Lobo | Glen Wolf Dam

Presa Cañada del Lobo

One Saturday afternoon we were wanting to go on an impromptu hike in the area. We were surprised to find that this place, Presa Cañada del Lobo (translated Glen Wolf Dam), is less than 15 minutes from downtown. A hike in photos is the best way to describe this place. Getting here in your car, you will find the dirt road ...

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Tortas and Agua de Guayaba


Joy and I stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall, actually a diner-in-a-corridor, on our route walking through downtown San Luis Potosí. She was in a shoe store and I told her I would wait outside, only to walk down this sidewalk and see this nostalgic-esque bar counter diner. The diner looks like it has weathered some years but many people were sitting down ...

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