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About Us

Bienvenidos a San Luis Potosí!

We are Kev and Joy and we are expats wanting to share our experiences living in the city of San Luis Potosí in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. As expats from the U.S., we have to actually venture out and discover some things on our own. Little by little, we come across some great places to eat and do some activities that we wished we had known about earlier. So we thought we should create a website that we can share our experiences with you so that you can acclimate more quickly to the area.

Mostly, our food of choice is vegetarian and we will rarely go to a steakhouse. But we will share our experience about the restaurant that we go to as most of them are not vegetarian restaurants. We love good food and we want to share with you where you can get some good food too!

We are not a review website, although we will provide reviews on most of what we blog about, but we are more of a “shared experience” website. If you are an expat moving to the area or currently living in the area, we have built this site for you! Also, you may be visiting the area and so you will find some of this information valuable in your short stay.